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Why You Need Botanical Skincare In Your Daily Routine

Updated: 3 days ago

By Regina Throop - Skincare Ambassador for Avva Rose Skincare

Avva Rose Skincare

I've been religiously following a skincare routine since my teenage years. Back then, my mother used to host beauty parties with brands like Avon and Mary Kay. Remember those? She would have me invite my friends over for a "makeover day." And a nice lady would teach us how to cleanse, tone, and moisturize. We’d learn how to pick our clothing and makeup colors based on whether we fell into the "cool" or "warm" categories of a color wheel. These gatherings weren't just fun; they were my first foray into the world of skincare.

I distinctly recall a consultant warning me and my friends, "Girls, for every night you sleep with makeup on, you age five days." Although I've never verified this claim, it shook me profoundly. Now at 52, I can count on one hand the times I’ve gone to bed without washing my face. That’s the impact those words had on me!

Over the years, I've experimented with a wide spectrum of skincare products, from budget-friendly options during my college days to high-end brands now that I have more disposable income. Each experience taught me valuable lessons about what truly benefits my skin.

For the past few years, I've been using Avva Rose Skincare products on my face and body. Having known Dawn Hall, the founder, for many years, I was confident in her meticulous approach to crafting these exceptional products. True to my expectations, I fell in love with them. The fact that they're botanically based is just the cherry on top.

Why I chose botanical skincare

Botanical, or natural, skincare products are crafted from ingredients found in nature, such as plants and minerals. Unlike their synthetic counterparts, these products are free from harmful chemicals and toxins. Have you ever heard of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)? EDCs are substances that can interfere with hormone functions and are found in everyday items, including:

  • Cleaning products

  • Plastics

  • Non-organic produce

  • Non-filtered water

  • Certain cookware

And guess where else?

  • Skincare and makeup products

  • Personal care and cosmetic products

  • Fragrances

Research links EDC exposure to various health risks, including diabetes, obesity, thyroid issues, reproductive disorders, and hormone-sensitive cancers. 

So Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – bad news, right? But what about other chemicals in skincare?

A few common toxic chemicals found in skincare products are:

• Parabens -- Found in a lot of skincare products, parabens are used as preservatives. They do more for the product (extending the product shelf life) than your skin. Parabens can cause issues like hormone disruption and early puberty in girls.

• Synthetic fragrances -- While the FDA requires cosmetic companies to list their ingredients, many fragrance chemicals are protected as “trade secrets” and may appear on the label as simply “perfume” or “aroma.”

Fragrances are often mixed with:

• Aldehydes, which may increase cancer risk in some people.

• Benzophenone derivatives, which are endocrine disruptors.

And the thing is, there are endocrine disrupting chemicals and toxic chemicals everywhere, and there is no way we can eliminate them from our lives completely. But an easy first step is to switch out your chemical-based skincare products for natural/botanical products.  

Botanical ingredients come from plants, so they are not hormone disruptors and they don’t contain carcinogens or allergens, making them safer to use.

My personal experience

Now let’s go back to a few minutes ago when I told you that I have tried a ton of skincare products over the years. I’ve tried the cheaper, over-the-counter brands from stores like Eckerds (now I’m showing my age…), Walmart, even the grocery store. Nothing got the job done, but I was saving money… I don’t even want to THINK about what sorts of chemicals were in these products.

When I got a little older and I could afford it, I went to the department stores and shelled out money for the more expensive creams and serums that came in beautiful bottles (Spoiler alert: Beautiful packaging doesn’t take care of your lines and wrinkles.) I even went to the medical spas and tried their pharmaceutical grade products -- very expensive. Don’t tell my husband, but I’ve paid up to $250 for a “bottle of youth.” Turns out, expensive does not mean better. Many of these products seemed to just sit on top of my skin, making it appear oily rather than effectively hydrating it.

Switching to Avva Rose made a noticeable difference. My skin not only looked and felt better, but I also received more compliments than ever before. Unlike other products, Avva Rose’s offerings are absorbed deeply, hydrating my skin and giving me a glow like no other. And hydrated skin looks like younger skin. Don't you agree?

And, last but not least, Avva Rose products won't break the bank. 

So if you've read this far and are wondering what products I use and when, here’s a glimpse into my daily skincare regimen (I do this twice per day, in this order):

Daily Cleanser: A foaming exfoliator with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, hibiscus petals, and jojoba beads that gently removes dead skin and minimizes pores.

Rose Mist Toner: Infused with Lebanese rose water, aloe, and plant-based glycerin, this toner hydrates and tones, providing a refreshing boost, especially in dry conditions. (I also use this a lot in the winter when my skin feels dry. Just spritz a few times a day!)

Hyaluronic Face Serum: Hyaluronic acid acts as a humectant, a substance that binds to water molecules to help the skin retain moisture. This almost weightless formula has quick soak-in time. You just need a few drops because a little goes a long way. I use it on my face, neck and chest. I truly believe THIS is why my skin looks so hydrated. Adding HA to my regimen was a game-changer.

Vitamin C Eye Gel: This will last a while because a little goes a long way! I add a tiny dab to my ring fingers and dab it on under the eyes. It fades sun spots and discoloration, refines skin texture, reduces wrinkle formation and minimizes existing wrinkles. 

All-in-One Neck and Face Day Cream or Retinol Night Cream at night: I apply to face, neck and chest. The day cream contains cutting edge peptides like Matrixyl 3000 and Tripeptide-5 with hydrating botanical hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. Also dozens of botanical actives, pure plant oils, and organic vitamins and minerals encourage deep cellular rejuvenation, collagen boosting, wrinkle repairing, and inflammation reducing activity. The Night Cream contains powerful antioxidants combined with Vitamin A to diminish fine lines and wrinkles due to sun exposure, encouraging graceful aging. 

Twice per week, I use the Polishing Cream after my cleanser and before the Rose Mist Toner. The microdermabrasion crystals are the same as used in professional spas, but AvvaRose has a creme base, which makes it safe to use at home up to 3 times/week. I add a tiny bit to my fingertips and massage into my face, neck and chest for about 30 seconds. Rinse off with warm water.

And twice per week, I switch out the Retinol Night Cream for the Light Face & Body Oil. This contains a special combination of cold pressed, light, natural oils that absorbs quickly and slows environmental moisture evaporation to deliver the perfect level of moisture. 

Are you reading this and thinking it's a lot? Who has time to do all that twice a day? YOU do! It takes 5 minutes twice per day. And I don't do it in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I keep my skincare products in a small basket so I can easily tote them around. I can do this on the back porch with a cup of coffee or in front of the TV. (Girl, I know about your "Netflix and Chill" routine -- If you have time for that, you have time for this!)

Let me just end this by saying I am 52 years old, and almost everyone I meet can’t believe I’m in my 50s. I’m not bragging. Not about ME anyway. I'm definitely bragging about Avva Rose. I'm a lifelong customer because I really don't think I'll find anything better. And believe me, I've looked!


Feel free to email me: I'd love to hear from you.

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