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Dawn Hall


I'm Dawn Hall, an experienced entrepreneur for over 30 years and specialize in teaching, training and coaching women during the start-up phase of their business.


In the Memorial area, I started my solo career as a personal trainer (Simply Pure Fitness) in 1997. Since then, I’ve grown as a health and fitness professional now known as Dawn Hall Fit, a lifestyle program, complete with Dawn Hall Fit supplements, nutrition, a fitness planner, and handbook, “Start and Maintain Your Exercise in less than 5 Minutes.”

And Then...

In 2018, I created Avva Rose Skincare, a botanical line of products, 100% free from toxins, GMO, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrance and color. In August 2023, we celebrated the inaugural publication of “Shaping Women Naturally” magazine. It was then I realized that the magazine is a perfect platform to build connections in the community and support women through the various stages of growing their business.


On March 24, 2024, Shaping Women Naturally is hosting a Women’s Business Expo, and I would like to invite you to come. We plan to have 14 plus exhibitors and up to 200 guests throughout the day. This event is being held in a lovely lounge setting with an intimate atmosphere so that each person and business can show up without feeling rushed, overwhelmed or overlooked, It will be a day filled with making new connections and establishing long term relationships.


This would be a wonderful opportunity for you and your business to have visibility in front of an audience who could benefit and find great value from your participation at the expo.

We are a small business in start-up phase backed by entrepreneurs who combined have over 60 years experience to launch Shaping Women Naturally’s Women’s Business Expo. It’s going to be an event for all business women whether in the start-up phase, growth, or expansion. We are encouraging young business owners to connect with mature business owners.

It’s when young businesses and mature businesses collaborate that the energy and wisdom combined inspires both to grow in ways they couldn’t alone. Our intention is to provide resources and an atmosphere where these relationships can be nurtured long term. This is exciting because we, too, are planning for long term relationships and success to host an annual Women’s Expo in 2025 and each year following.

For more information about attending, exhibiting, being a sponsor, donating or volunteering click below or contact me directly for more detailed information.


I'm always excited to meet new entrepreneurs!

Let's connect.


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