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I'm Dawn Hall, I have over three decades of entrepreneurial experience, and dedicated to guiding, training, and empowering women embarking on their business journeys.

My entrepreneurial journey began in 1997, in the Memorial area, where I initiated my solo career as a personal trainer under the banner of Simply Pure Fitness. Over the years, my expertise has expanded, evolving into Dawn Hall Fit, a comprehensive lifestyle program. This program includes a range of offerings, from Dawn Hall Fit supplements to personalized nutrition plans, a fitness planner, and a handbook titled "Start and Maintain Your Exercise in Less Than 5 Minutes."

And Then...

In 2018, I founded a botanical skincare line crafted with care, entirely free from toxins, GMOs, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colors. Then, in August 2023, we proudly launched "Shaping Women Naturally" magazine. It dawned on me that this publication serves as an ideal platform to foster community connections and offer support to women at every stage of their business journey.

On March 24, 2024, Shaping Women Naturally hosted a Women’s Business Expo, featuring 40 women showcasing their businesses and welcoming over 120 anticipated guests throughout the day. It proved to be an exceptional gathering where women established new connections and forged lasting relationships.

Now, we're eagerly launching Women’s Business Mini Expos, designed to cater to women at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey—whether they're just starting up, experiencing growth, or seeking expansion. We encourage the exchange between young and seasoned business owners, recognizing that the blend of youthful vigor and seasoned wisdom drives growth beyond individual capabilities. Our aim is to foster a community environment that nurtures these relationships for the long term.

We're delighted to announce our plans for continued success, with women already securing their spots for the 2025 Women’s Business Expo.

For further details on attending, exhibiting, sponsoring, donating, or volunteering, please reach out to me directly.


I'm always excited to meet new entrepreneurs!

Let's connect.


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