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Menopause Made Me Crunchy - How Hyaluronic Acid Changed My Skin

By Regina Throop - Skincare Ambassador for Avva Rose Skincare

Regina Throop - Avva Rose Skincare - Shaping Women Naturally Magazine & Events - Dawn Hall

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, my skincare routine was, let's say, a bit "sun-centric." Sunscreen was the nemesis I avoided while I embraced baby oil like it was a VIP pass to the bronze league. Fast forward to the present, stepping out without sunscreen is practically a skincare sin!

Despite my sun-soaked misdemeanors, my mom introduced me to the wonders of skincare at a young age, through the quintessentially nostalgic Mary Kay and Avon parties. Yes, I might have baked in the sun, but I also learned to cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize diligently—my early defense against the inevitable.

As a teen, the hidden sun damage was out of sight, out of mind. But it barged onto the scene by my mid-40s, doubling my skincare sessions from one to twice daily—talk about a high-maintenance relationship!

Then at 51, menopause crashed into my life like an unwanted houseguest, bringing along its buddy: extreme skin dryness. Forget "dry" — "dehydrated and crunchy" was the new reality. My skin suddenly had the texture of crepe paper, demanding a moisturizer application every time I blinked!

Amidst my new crunchy existence, a friend tipped me off about hyaluronic acid (HA). Apparently, I had been living under a skincare rock! HA, I discovered, is this magical humectant our bodies produce naturally. It’s like a hydration hero, capable of holding 1,000 times its weight in water. Perfect for someone whose skin had turned into the Sahara!

However, aging and menopause team up like villains from an 80s cartoon, depleting our natural HA and estrogen, leaving us—yes, you guessed it—crunchy.

Determined to fight back, I turned to Avva Rose Skincare, a botanical treasure trove created by my friend Dawn Hall. I had been using Avva Rose products for a while, but I hadn't yet tried the HA line. (like I said, living under a rock apparently...). After only a few days of incorporating the Hyaluronic Face Serum into my regimen, my skin transformed. I applied the serum first, and then followed it up with Vitamin C Eye Gel, then Day Cream during the day, or Resurface Serum then Retinol Night Cream at night. Suddenly my face was hydrated and soft. 

But it wasn't just my face that was dry; my body needed some serious help. My legs looked like crepe paper! I turned to Avva Rose's Hyaluronic Body Serum to see if it would make a difference. I started with Dry Brushing my legs and arms, then applied the serum, followed by Neck & Body ButterI was amazed. Little did I know that using HA before your moisturizer would help lock the moisture in and keep your skin hydrated all day. In a few days time, my crepey skin was gone!

For optimal HA application, here’s the drill: apply it on slightly damp skin right after a shower or bath. A few drops are all you need. Seal it with a good moisturizer containing occlusives like cocoa butter or shea butter — luckily, Avva Rose products are packed with these ingredients.

And for those super busy days, the Avva Rose "Busy Girl Cheat" Hyaluronic Face & Body Spray is a game-changer. It’s a quick spritz that keeps me hydrated on the go!

Here’s the scoop: HA pairs well with most skincare goodies like retinol and vitamin C. You don’t need to throw away everything you are currently using; just start weaving in some HA under your moisturizer for that much-needed hydration boost.

So, whether you’re a former sun goddess or a fellow menopause warrior, remember: hydrating your skin is crucial. Hyaluronic Acid isn’t just a trendy ingredient; it’s a skincare staple that’s rejuvenated my complexion. Here’s to softer, hydrated skin at any age!

Regina Throop - Avva Rose Skincare - Shaping Women Naturally Magazine & Events - Dawn Hall


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