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Baked Into Our Culture

By Margaret Hong - Independent Distributor of Riman Skincare

“Did you wash your face?!” I can still recall my mother shouting that question to

me and my sister since we were young girls, as if it were yesterday. I grew up in a

household with two South Korean parents who immigrated to America to realize

the American dream. With that goal in mind, my parents were always very

careful with their money and made sure to only spend on bare essentials – for my

mother, that meant quality skincare products.

Although my mother was running her own business with my dad, taking care of

three children and working tirelessly to save, she would always carve out time for

her daily skincare ritual. Funny thing is, as practical as my dad was about

spending on daily self-care, he always supported my mother’s skincare ritual. On

a daily a basis, I would sit on the floor of the bathroom next to my mother and

watch her go through her skincare steps – morning and night. As she would apply

each step carefully, using specific methods of rubbing her skincare lotions in an

upward manner and then patting her face with various different serums and

mists, I would watch her face glow each and every day. In addition to a good

skincare ritual, I also recall my mother telling my sister and I that we need to be

careful about what we eat and put in our body. She used to say, “Food can be

your medicine or your poison.” Because of that very important piece of advice

and wisdom, you will notice that the Korean diet is filled with highly nutrient

dense superfoods, fermented foods and fibers that are proven to aid in cell

generation and cell turnover.

Fast forward to today, my mother is now 70 years old. She doesn’t look a day

over 40! Yes, there are some days when I feel like she looks younger than me, as I

have now approached my mid-40s. I can still hear my mother saying, “Any good

mother will encourage her daughters to start a quality skincare ritual at a very

young age.” Thank you for your wisdom, Mom.

Finally, in keeping up with a long-standing tradition practiced in Korean culture

and my mom’s advice, I want to briefly mention why it is so important to layer

each step in your K-Beauty rituals. Layering is a method used by skincare

enthusiast all over the world. If done properly, layering allows your skin barrier to

receive all of the layers of nutrients further into your layers of skin. Is it time

consuming? Maybe a little, but you’re layering your face, not your feet LOL. After

a thorough Double Cleanse, your pores are left clean and ready to receive

nutrient filled serums and creams. Each step’s active ingredients are pushed

further into the skin barrier allowing each layer to go to work and give your skin

the proper nutrients for that glowing, dewy skin.

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