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5 Color Principles You Have To Know

Updated: Apr 8

By Blaire Petroni - Image Consultant of Maeve Melange

1. 10 Million Colors

There are over 10 million recorded colors in our world. Colors are split into four categories (seasons): Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter. Then we further split them into three sub-seasons for each parent season (ex Light Autumn, True Autumn, Dark Autumn, etc). That means that if there are 12 seasons total, 10 million colors, and one perfect season for you, then there’s almost 1 million colors that will look amazing on you! Which begs the question: why are you wearing black? It actually only looks good on 25% of the population.

2. This Isn’t Magic, It’s Undertone

Ever wonder why certain colors look fantastic on some people and wash others out? It's all about undertone. Everyone's skin has an undertone - the tint of the fat that sits beneath your skin. It can be warm (yellow) or cool (blue). During your color analysis you’ll begin seeing how the different warm and cool drape colors begin to affect your skin color - there will be colors that inevitably just love you back!

3. True Red is for Everyone

While it's true that certain colors may be more flattering based on your undertone, there's one color that looks great on everyone: true red. This shade of red is neutral, meaning it doesn't lean too far towards warm (yellow) or cool (blue). It complements all skin tones and is associated with power, passion, and confidence. So if you're ever in doubt, go for the true red! True Red is the color of a Coca-Cola can or a red Solo cup.

4. Look for the ‘Bing’

Like we said above, when a color loves you back you’ll glow. Around here we call that the ‘Bing!’ It’s like a lightbulb and is undeniable. Your best season will make your eyes, skin, and hair all shine. It's the sign that you've found your perfect season. And once you see the difference between the colors that make you Bing and the ones that don’t, you can’t unsee it.

5. Wear What Makes You Happy

Lastly, and most importantly, wear what makes you happy. Color can have a significant effect on our mood and the way we feel about ourselves. If a color makes you feel good, wear it! Forget about the rules and trends. Your confidence and happiness will shine through, and that's the most attractive thing you can wear.

Color is a powerful tool in everyday life. If you’ve been searching for your best clothing colors, hair colors, makeup colors, jewelry metals, and more, book your appointment at Maeve Mélange today!

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