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Even So. Amen!

By Lori Gasca - Speaker, Author & Mentor


When I was sitting in my chair recently, these words from Revelation 1:7 literally JUMPED off the page of my Bible.  I am sure I have read them before but this particular morning they were like a neon sign.  I love how God does that.  He gives new meaning to the same words that have been in the Bible for thousands of years for exactly what we need when we need it.


Let me take a sec to tell you about my chair.  It's a rust colored velvet chair my friend Kele found on the side of the road.  She had it in her home for a bit and then she sold it to me.   It was in my office and when my business closed, I brought it home and plopped it right in the corner of our family room.  The seat has no more bounce and the springs are popping out of the bottom and I absolutely love it.  I spend HOURS in it every morning.  It's where I look out the window and watch the world come to life while I drink my coffee, journal, read books, study the Bible and pray.  There is a LOT of thinking done in that chair.  Pretty much everything I write is done so in that old, discarded chair.  It was in that chair where this scripture came to life for me.


This phase of life is calling me to BOLDLY step into new territory and that can be a little scary.  He gently reminded me that He has me and He is the “Even so. Amen!"  “Go ahead," he whispered, “Throw it at me”.  So, I did.


What if I am judged…Even So. Amen!


What if I lose friends…Even So. Amen!


What if I disappoint people…Even So. Amen!


What if I am misunderstood…Even So. Amen!


What if I lose everything…Even So. Amen!


What if I feel foolish…Even So. Amen!


What if I don't feel like enough…Even So. Amen!


What if…Even So. Amen!


“SHHHHHHHH….  Just stay connected to me each day in your chair.”


These three simple words carry more weight than just about any in the Bible, in my opinion.  There is no “what if” in this life too big for the “Even so. Amen” in Christ.   He has breathed life into the first word of my story, the dash in between and the final period at the end.  He is the EVEN SO. AMEN!  He offers the same to you.  Do you believe this to be true?

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