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"Embracing Contentment: A Journey from Discontent to Self-Acceptance"

By Dawn Hall - Author, Coach & Professional Entrepreneur

Since the tender age of seven, I found myself constantly frustrated and never satisfied with myself. Back then, I believed that longer, straight, blonde hair, along with a slimmer figure, lavish attire, and the right accessories, particularly shoes to add height, would somehow make me happier or my life would be "better."

By my thirties, I had acquired all those things, only to realize that they didn't bring the solace I sought; they merely brough a whole different set of situations and circumstances of discontentment.

It wasn't until my early forties that I discerned the root of my unease. It wasn't my physical appearance or surroundings that was causing me so much grief, but rather the essence of love, joy, peace, and kindness that eluded me.

Understanding the true meaning of contentment and experiencing its peaceful embrace marked the turning point in my journey to self-acceptance.

How does one grasp the essence of contentment? By acquainting oneself with the spirit of love, joy, peace, and kindness. It requires relinquishing the constant pursuit of filling every crevasse of time and space, and embracing a simpler life, grounded in gratitude for what one already has.

For years, I was trapped in a web of my own thoughts and ways endlessly circling the insanity of pride and gluttony of wanting more. Unbeknownst to me, each revolution presented a different facade, yet the core remained unchanged and the relentless quest for more continued.

"More" became my constant companion, luring me into a daily chase of attaining lofty goals. It wasn't that I failed to reach my goals; rather, I found no solace upon arrival.

I failed to grasp that the pursuit of more was an endless cycle—one I could never break free from on my own.

It was only upon encountering the spirit of love, joy, peace, and kindness that I was broken free from the chains of this relentless pursuit.

Today, I am eternally grateful to have escaped the chase for more, awakening each day with the assurance that whatever is meant to find me will do so in it's perfect time.

Should nothing find me, I am steadfast in the knowledge that I lack nothing beyond what I've already been granted, and I find contentment in that truth.

Dawn Hall - Shaping Women Naturally Magazine & Events
Dawn Hall

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