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Being A Woman Of My Word

By Lori Gasca - Speaker, Author & Mentor

Being A Woman Of My Word - Lori Gasca - Shaping Women Naturally Magazine & Events

I want to be known as a woman of my word in the little things so I can be trusted in the bigger things.  What about you? This really takes intentionality.

How does it make you feel when you commit to something and have to back out? It makes me feel really out of alignment with integrity. I understand there are times when life happens and we simply can't be where we committed to be. But, I know people who, I can bet the bank on, will not show up when they say they are going to. Something comes up almost every single time.  Do you know anyone like this? If you are being honest, is that you?


The #1 reason I feel this happens is because we are  OVERCOMMITTED!  Our calendars have run away with us and we have not done a very good job protecting our YES. We give our YES away WAY TOO FREELY!  It is important to remember that every time you say YES to something you are saying NO to something else.  And, when a BETTER yes comes along, we either have to pass it up or we have to back out on the first commitment. We have to make room in our schedule for the new things and the BEST things.  The next time you start to say “YES," even in a really small thing, PAUSE and think it through. 


Do you really want to do this?

Are you saying YES because you feel obligated or guilted? 

Do you truly have time to commit to this?

What can you release from your schedule to be able to give a FULL yes to this commitment?

What are you saying NO to in order to say YES to this?


Has busyness stolen your life?  I have some tried and true tips to help you get your life back. We were not just created to survive.  We were created to THRIVE. 


But let your 'Yes' be 'Yes,' and your 'No,' ‘No.' Matthew 5:37

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