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A Thrilling Introduction to Handgun Shooting: A Beginner's Perspective

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By Dawn Hall - Author, Coach & Professional Entrepreneur

Heather Hartman - Dawn Hall - Shaping Women Naturally Magazine & Events

As someone entirely new to the world of firearms, I recently embarked on a journey to learn how to shoot a handgun. I arrived at the “classroom” (a lovely co-working space with comfortable lounge seats, large screen tv, and aromatherapy scents to relax any tension that might have built up on the way) and was greeted by Heather Hartman whose passion for firearm safety was infectious.

Before even laying a finger on the handgun, we did a deep dive into learning safety protocols, proper handling techniques, and the fundamental principles of how to be an accurate marksman.

Heather’s attention to safety laid a solid foundation of confidence, ensuring a secure and enjoyable learning environment throughout the session.

Next, we drove a few blocks to the shooting range. Equipped with ear protection and safety glasses, I carefully grasped the handgun, feeling its weight and power resonate through my hands.

With the guidance of Heather’s thorough one to one attention I was able adopt a firm stance, steady grip, aligning my sight with the target.

With each pull of the trigger, I experienced an adrenaline-fueled rush as the recoil pushed back through my body and the bullet traveled the opposite direction toward the target.

Heather’s patient guidance and constructive feedback were invaluable, as she encouraged me to embrace the moment with determination to hit the bullseye.

Due to Heather’s 19 years experience and excellent teaching skills I actually hit the bullseye and within my first 6 shots!

I left the experience feeling accomplished and filled with knowledge that I didn’t know would make such a positive impact on my entire wellbeing.

The experience gave me an utmost respect for the intricacies of managing a firearm and the importance of responsible gun ownership.

Overall, Heather made my introduction to handgun shooting an exhilarating and eye-opening adventure that left me with newfound confidence and reverence. I highly recommend that you “Confidently Experience Handguns the Female Way” with Heather Hartman!

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