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Your Brand Is Deeper Than Your Logo

By Melissa Day of The Other Day Creative Firm

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When we talk about a brand, the first things that might spring to mind are often a logo, a color palette, or a typeface. These elements, while crucial, barely scratch the surface of what your brand represents. A brand is more than just your visual identity—it's the core of a business and the owner, encapsulating its values, its voice, and its vision. It makes your business relatable and sets it apart from your competitors.

The essence of a brand lies in its ability to connect with its audience. This connection is not just visual but emotional and psychological. It’s about how your business makes people feel, how they perceive your reliability, and how much they trust your competence. Your logo might draw them in, but your brands essence will keep them engaged.

Consider how you communicate both online and in person. The tone, the choice of words, and how your business interacts with customers might seem basic, but they are really fundamental in overall perception. Your brand voice should be consistent across all platforms—be it an ad, a post, or a phone call. If your brand were a person, what kind of personality would it have? Would it be friendly and approachable or authoritative and commanding? This personality helps shape connections and make your business more accessible to customers.

What does your business stand for? Beyond profit margins and product offerings, what core

values define your operations? These values should resonate through every aspect of your

business, from internal decision-making to customer interactions. They influence the company culture and can often be a deciding factor for consumers who choose to align with brands that share their personal values or ethics.

Every touchpoint, from browsing your website to unboxing a product, is a part of your brand.

These experiences collectively form a narrative in the minds of your customers about who you are and what you stand for. The goal is to make this narrative as positive and as true to your brand as possible. Seamless service, attention to customer needs, and consistent quality all play a role in reinforcing your brand beyond the visual elements.

Your brand is also the story you tell. This story should be compelling, authentic, and clear. It’s

not just about what your products or services you provide but the problems they solve and how they improve your customers & lives. This storytelling can transform a transactional relationship into an emotional one where customers feel a part of your brand’s journey.

Brands are not static and should never be done or forgotten. They evolve with your business.

As your business grows and changes, so will your brand. Your brand will adapt as the market

changes, as consumer preferences shift, and as new technologies emerge. However, you

should never lose sight of the core identity and values of the brand. How your brand adapts to change can also enhance or diminish its strength in the eyes of your customers.

While a logo, color palette, and typography are crucial in creating an outstanding visual identity, they are merely the entry point to deeper engagements. A brand that understands and communicates its essence effectively can build a stronger, more meaningful relationship with its audience. It's about being remembered, respected, and trusted.

Key Points to Remember:

● Your brand is the core of a business, encapsulating values, voice, and vision.

● Your brand should reflect your company's ethos.

● Give your brand a personality.

● Every customer interaction contributes to the narrative of your brand.

● Maintaining consistent quality reinforces your brand.

● Your brands story should be solving problems and improving customers & lives.

● Brands should evolve with the business.

● The true strength of your brand lies in its ability to engage deeply with its audience.

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