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Collaborations Are Key

By Jen Falloon of Vorsa Investments

As entrepreneurs, business owners, and successful women in the workforce, we rely heavily on our tenacity, courage, focus, and grit. We are tits to the wall in everything we do to get ahead, be better, blaze our paths, and care for the future of ourselves and others. We think we need to do everything ourselves, because let’s be really honest, nobody else is going to do it better than we are anyway.

But what if there was another way? What if instead of killing ourselves to grow our businesses, stay relevant, find clients, and promote ourselves, we collaborated with other like-minded individuals who are trying to do the same?

What if we all found ten of these like-minded individuals and made a pact with them that we would all work to promote each other’s businesses by liking posts, subscribing to their socials, sharing their posts? What would that look like for each one of us? Assuming ten people agreed to do such a crazy thing and each person had only 1000 friends or followers, that’s an extra 10,000 people that have been reached!!

If you only gained one new client from each of these collaborators, what would that do

for your business? What if each new client of the ten brought only one referral to your business?

What would 20 new clients do for you? I know for myself, 20 new clients would put me on an

entirely different level than where I am right now. And the best part is, it costs you $0 and very little time. We’re all scrolling socials at some point in our day, it takes a millisecond to hit that share button and say, “check out my girl and her awesome business” or don’t say anything, a share is still a share. It’s the smallest thing we can all do for each other that has an impact bigger than we think, and how wonderful to know there is a band of badasses behind us helping each other grow!

Multi Million dollar corporations like Pepsi and Nike have historically done quite well with sales on their own, but look how their brand recognition and sales soared to mind blowing heights when Pepsi Collaborated with Michael Jackson and Nike collaborated with Micheal Jordan! I would strongly recommend that each one of us find those collaborators and do just the bare minimum of what I suggested above to help one another out.

If you need help finding your ten then this is the perfect time to go through your Houston

Women’s Expo magazine and connect with the high level ladies in there and get to

collaborating! A great example that I’ve used in the past looks like this:

Let’s chat!

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