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Shaping 200+ Pounds Naturally - All Things Possible

Shaping 200+ Pounds Naturally - Dawn Hall - Shaping Women Naturally Magazine
Hope ~ Business Consultant | 30 Something

200+ pounds is a burden I carried with me every day, literally. The topic of being overweight has haunted me my whole life: I lost weight, gained weight, lost weight again. Looking back, I can say that my weight never encroached on my inner happiness and love of life. But when the weight exceeded 200+ pounds, it began to take its toll. It was hard to move. As a result, I moved less and soon became immobile. None of my favorite clothes fit, so I got new clothes, not because I wanted them, but because I had no other choice. And, the clothes I was forced to buy were not my style.  I felt unattractive and frumpy, and I began to blame myself for letting this happen.

Then came the depression, and when I reached that point, I didn't want to do anything at all. I was just getting through each day. I knew that this wasn't who I was, and yet,  it was exactly who I was at that time: 200+ pounds.  Unbelievable, but true, and I had to accept this fact, because I could see how the weight was affecting my everyday life.

Not only was the weight affecting me emotionally, but physically, the pain was sometimes unbearable. I had fallen into what I call the "200+ Pit"  It's a deep, dark pit pf isolation. Oh, it had rungs on the wall for me to climb up, but I didn't have the strength or motivation to reach my arm up, much less step up.  

In 2022, I said, "That's enough. Something needs to change, because physical and mental pain is not worth any ice cream, popcorn or chocolate." Not only was my weight suffering, but also my health was in danger!  When my doctor expressed the seriousness of my physical condition, it was apparent that I couldn't continue to live this way anymore.  I needed a plan, a plan I could count on to work, and a plan that I would continue to do, forever.

After years of being scattered in thought, overzealous in heart and haphazard in action, I decided to bring my mind, heart and actions into agreement with each other and practice consistency with my health and fitness plan.

One thing that became evident on my journey is realizing that the law of attraction is real. Whatever a person thinks about, she brings about.  Thinking about my top three health and fitness priorities without wavering, as well as not demanding a specific time for the outcome attracted a more fulfilling result than I could’ve ever imagined.

For six months, I stayed faithful to my top three priorities, understanding and appreciating the prioritization and importance of each.

I took the time, by slowing down to practice one priority for a week until I discovered the three priorities that work FOR me. Now, they are the only three I need to practice weekly for steady and continuous results.

Right now, I'm out of the 200+ Pit, weighing in at 198 pounds. I realize I am not far enough away from that pit to keep from falling into it again, but I have confidence from within that keeps me from teetering, and I am certain of what to do mentally and physically no matter the circumstances.

It helps to not have to think about what to do for my weekly routine. I now have freedom from worry and hurry, and that makes my journey effortless. 

I’m still human, and getting out of bed after a long days work isn’t always easy, but because I know that what I’m doing is working FOR me, I do not try to negotiate with myself anymore, I just do it.

I have learned that there are no quick fixes, only commitment and consistency. And I need to have patience with myself to trust the journey. And God's love for the strength to help me on this journey. As they say, He does not give us more than we can endure, but I've learned the way to endure is to reach for Him first and then "all things are possible."

I thank my trainer, Dawn, a significant mentor on my journey of health for fitness and longevity, who helped me to understand myself so much better, and that is a priceless gift.

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