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The Presentation
Shaping Women Naturally Magazine

Shaping Women Naturally magazine inaugural issue was presented to the world on August 6, 2023. It was a spectacular, intimate event shared with a couple dozen of beloved guests who were as excited to see the magazine as we were to share it.

"SHE" (Shaping Women Naturally) is truly a "living" magazine.  As soon as the book enters your hand there's breath of life that sweeps through heart and soul, recognizing a genuine and sacred formation from beginning to end.


The most often comment is, "This is more than a magazine, it's a book and a guide." 

YES!  YES! and YES!  She's all 3, a magazine with articles and ads, a book with an interwoven story that spans over 30 years throughout the entire magazine.  And a guide that offers a proven effective way on how to practice a lifestyle of health, faith, fitness, skincare and more for results that will carry on for a lifetime.

The magazine's unique style and extraordinary content is due to woman's great questions as well as their courage and willingness of staying faithful to shaping their own lifestyle in a way they never imaged or dreamed possible, "An effortless practice that promises to stand the test of time."

It's so exciting to share stories of experience, feature mature businesses that go above and beyond a 5 star rating and support start up businesses that prove themselves on a faith path, believing differently to building on a stable foundation for long term growth and security, no matter the situation or circumstance.

Shaping Women Naturally vows to feature and highly recommend people, places and things that she knows personally, trusts and loves so you can have utmost confidence that you will receive quality care, service and products.

A Few of The Women

Of the many women who have nurtured Shaping Women Naturally these are the two who were most often present and near during the 3 months prior to publication.

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