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Grants for Women

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Grants for Women - Women's Business Expo - Shaping Women Naturally - Houston - March 24, 2024

Since 2002, Grants for all women who desire to prosper, feel good and live well from the inside out.

  • Our grants are offered to support women's businesses and their over-all wellbeing through many avenues such as personal training, gym memberships, lifestyle coaching, skincare and supplements to help women develop a simple lifestyle that can be effortlessly maintained for a lifetime.

  • Shaping Women Naturally and the Women's Business Expo magazines provide a way to showcase women by featuring success stories, different types of businesses, a message of faith as well as advice from professionals creating a trusted community and referral guide ranging from restaurants, photographer, real estate agent, spas and more. The magazines also include an inspiring hands on section with a business/fitness planner to help jump start a lifestyle journey of success. The high quality print, warm colors and evergreen content makes both of the magazines a valuable keepsake and motivational resource for years to come.

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