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Dawn Hall - Women's Business Expo - Shaping Women Naturally - Houston - March 24, 2024
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A Bit About Me

Writing has always been a hobby for me. Since I was a grade school girl it's helped me write my way through some of life's very trying times as well as some of my most joyful.

When I became an unmarried mom at the age of 18 all of a sudden I didn't have the luxury of writing my way through life anymore. I was doing life, a lot of life every second of the day.

In my late 30's, after my son was grown, I had what people might consider a mental breakdown.

At the time I did not consider "it" a breakdown, I didn't know what to consider "it" until later.

That time period left me homeless, jobless, without a car to drive, without a friend to trust and without any sense of direction.

Looking back I see "it" was a time of growth. I would call it my midlife crisis. It changed my life and mind forever. This is when I knew it was time for me to pick up the pen and start writing my way through life again.

Now, it's 16 years later, my writing pen is still in hand and I have grown passionate about helping people REST from their own works to trust in the grace of God by being present. To be aware of health and wellness from the inside to out and make confident decisions by faith, belief, truth and grace though a series of books I have written known as the "Promise Series".

My passion for helping people comes from my own journey of having an untruthful image of who and where I was in life.

This type of untruth led to a life where nothing was ever perfect or enough, and satisfaction lasted only a short time before the need for "more" began again. The need to be more successful, more perfect, more busy to be more financially wealthy, beautiful and popular.

Eventually my body gave out, my mind shut down, and the Lord rose from within. My journey from this point on is what inspired the "Promise Series."

I have a long standing and enjoyable career for 30 years as a Health and Fitness Professional, being a One-to-One Certified Personal Trainer, a Lifestyle Coach, an Owner-Operator of 2 gym studios, Fitness model/Competitor, and created a line of nutritional supplements that are FDA regulated, organic, all natural and double gluten free.

I am also the founder of Avva Rose Skincare to ensure everyone understands that skin health is also an important part of our physical health and to promote aging gracefully.

"Start and Maintain Your Exercise Routine in Less than 5 Minutes" is a book I wrote specifically to make headlines locally in Houston to help people learn how to develop a lifestyle of "Simple, Smarter Fitness Working for You." This book pairs well  the "Genesis - Revelation Fitness Planner" and both are available at

I travel to different areas with an event called "Stretch Flex N Flow," so I can connect regularly with individuals any age, size and fitness level who desire to start and maintain their exercise routine as a lifestyle.

I have enjoyed the stage as an inspirational speaker, traveling and experiencing SO many different walks of life.

Recently, I published the inaugural issue of "Shaping Women Naturally" magazine. What a thrill to see in print what's taken over a decade to have peace that surpasses all understanding to finally publish what I believe is imperfectly perfect in the eyes of God and will always be a work in progress to His glory. 


We hosted a spectacular event and celebrated the people who made this dream possible to become a reality.

Right now, I am focusing on editing the "Promise Series" books and dedicating more time to coaching individuals worldwide, in person, virtually and online.

The Lord blessed me with a handsome, talented and patient son. He is now an amazing husband and father with 5 children.

Not long after my son's 5th baby was born, Oliver came into my life. Oliver is my adorable, sweet-n-sassy pup who keeps my heart warm at home.

Since the world change in 2020, Ollie and I have had the privilege of spending much quality time together at home while I manage each one of my businesses.

My biggest fan is my Mom. If not for my mom I would not have gotten past 18 years old, much less be able to account for the fulfilling life God has graced me with thus far.

I am a faithful member at St. John Vianney in Houston and I continue to write by the light and Miracle of the Eucharist as well as my devotion to the Rosary.

It was through the Rosary I was led to return to my Catholic faith after studying in seminary and the bible diligently over the past 15 years.

I am forever grateful for re-discovering the faith I was baptized into and I enjoy helping people see the unity of all faiths. God's "Promise" is for everyone.

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